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Family and Community Family and community are highly valued aspects of Labrador and Newfoundland society. The existing environment with respect to family and community in the North Coast communities, and the analysis of environmental Rvier that the Project has on these communities is presented first, followed by discussion of the other areas of Labrador and a brief discussion for the Province as a whole. This, combined with the region's limited physical connections i. Residents value the intimacy, cooperation and serenity found in the North Coast communities. The Project has arisen at a key time in the history of this area. As in many of Canada's northern communities, there are few permanent jobs in the North Coast communities and populations have been growing faster than the capacity of the local economy to generate earned income.

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At the same time, they hope the Project will boost the North Coast economy and ease the effects of poverty on health and family. Special emphasis Rivet placed on developing an understanding of the environmental effects of industrial projects, and especially commute operations, on Aboriginal communities in Canada, Alaska and Australia.

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The Innu settled in permanent communities between the late s and mids Chapter The incidence of disease and mortality in northern Labrador is higher than for the Canadian population as a whole. This is largely due to cultural eating habits Parzdise terms of amounts of, and preference for, fat Tanner et al.

Women sex Paradise River, Newfoundland

These stores, which contend with Wlmen markets and high shipping and handling costs, cannot stock the variety and quality of groceries available in larger centres. In contrast to other forms of substance abuse, solvent abuse has more serious and destructive effects on the individual than other forms of substance abuse Alton Mackey Offenses against persons from are summarized in Appendix 24A, Table 9.

Women sex Paradise River, Newfoundland

These rates are substantially higher than those for northern Newfoundland all of Labrador and the northern portion of the Great Northern Peninsula Paravise the province, which were 5. As is detailed in Chapter 23, in Aboriginal and northern communities funding and delivery arrangements for these services typically involve both federal and provincial government agencies.

Women sex Paradise River, Newfoundland

Lone-parent families were also more common, representing 16 percent of all North Coast families, compared to 13 percent in Upper Lake Melville and 12 percent in Labrador Appendix 24A, Table 4 and Appendix 24C, Table 4. For a variety of reasons, this is a great deal more difficult today Chapter This has had predictable effects in terms of a loss of confidence and self-esteem, contributing to alcohol abuse, family violence, and poor emotional and physical health.

Much of the difference is rooted in the poor socioeconomic conditions in many Aboriginal communities, which give rise to high levels of alcohol and substance abuse, accidental death, and suicide. The latter indicates a population increase of However, in recent years, the loss of seal pelt markets, the moratorium on Northern Cod, and a decline in Atlantic salmon and Arctic charr catches have drastically reduced the ability of Rkver residents to gain a livelihood from the resources around them.

Both municipal Womwn provincial authorities consider the data from the non-Statistics Canada sources to be more accurate Goulding, A.

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Adjusting to settlement life was particularly difficult for the former residents of Nutak and Hebron, located north of Nain, who were resettled to Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik and North West River in and Key individuals in various agencies were contacted to update information and fill data gaps. While data on the incidence of substance abuse among teens in the province is not available on a community basis, a survey on student drug use in Newfoundland and Labrador conducted by the Department of Health highlights key trends in student drug use for the province Spurrell Between andthe average annual rate of referrals of patients from northern Labrador to Melville Hospital was patients per 1, population.

As a result, youths have been deprived of opportunities to learn about their culture, and their respect for parents and elders has been undermined Brice-Bennett ; Wadden Hospitalization rates ranged from Residents value the intimacy, cooperation and serenity found in the North Coast communities. Primary data are available on suicide, diet, hospital admissions, causes of hospitalization and reproductive health.

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Labrador Inuit and Innu organizations have begun healing efforts to address the many problems experienced in these communities. Ironically, individuals with low incomes are much less able to hunt and fish effectively because they are unable to afford fuel and equipment. About half the population of these communities was under the age of 25 years: Nain 54 percentUtshimassits 62 percentHopedale 54 percentMakkovik 45 percentRigolet 50 percent and Postville 49 percent. The Census data indicate that Some of the most tragic data on the incidence of alcoholism in the North Coast communities is from Utshimassits.

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While levels of alcohol abuse and social stress in the North Coast communities are high, data from provincial authorities indicate an overall decline in family violence in the past few years. About 22 percent of all women who have been victims of violence tell no one. One of the most striking features of the North Coast population is the high proportion of youth.

Despite some blurring of Paraadise lines, the traditional role of Innu and Labrador Inuit men was chiefly to bring home the food and train their sons to do the same. Giving financial support to key organisations: the Global Financing Facility GFFwhich works to prevent infant and maternal mortality.

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Inthe incidence of low income among private households in North Coast communities Paraduse from In Labrador, men hunted, trapped and fished, while women processed the meat and fish procured chiefly by men. However, in50 percent of them were from Utshimassits Appendix 24A, Table The literature on the environmental effects of large industrial projects on family and community life, including health, was also consulted.

Women sex Paradise River, Newfoundland

In the country, Innu women harvest small game like partridge and rabbits near camp Wadden While the census data are clearly problematic when discussing population totals, they do appear to provide a picture of the population structure generally consistent with information from other sources. Better protecting the rights of minorities The Netherlands also donates money to projects and programmes that protect the Parafise of minorities such as sex workers and LGBTI lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons, and also works to prevent sexual violence, child prostitution and sexual abuse.

For Riger most residents have relied on a combination of income from harvesting activities, seasonal or casual employment and transfer payments to make a living Chapter A Health Promotion Survey found that 47 percent of North Coast residents smoked, while 13 percent were former smokers. In addition, many northern residents do not get as much exercise as when living in the country Tanner et al.