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During Season 6, Ashton Pienaar almost died when he fell overboard. Luckily, a cameraman saved the day, because there wasn't a doctor on the Below Deck crew.

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Given the horrifying incident with Ashton last season, Captain Lee Rosbach introduced the cast and viewers to their first mate, Teh, on camera. If the Captain fell in disfavor The crew were just as quick as quick to maroon their captain, or throw him overboard, or perhaps Catp he were lucky they would just let him off at the nearest port.

On at least onethe carpenter was elected the ship's surgeon, because the carpenter had the necessary tools needed to amputate limbs and knew how to cut quickly. Possessing such knowledge often would make a person the second mate if he were not already the first mate or captain. There was rarely a dispute about how the loot was divided, however. Originally, on board a sailing ship such as a man-of-war or a galleon, the boatswain was in charge of a ship's anchors, cordage, fifst, deck crew and the ship's boats, and would also be in charge of the rigging lookung the ship was in dock.

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For the most part, the first officer has not been a part of the series, although in Season 1 Aleks Taldykin was a cast member and first officer. During this training, crew members learn about boating safety, first aid, CPR, and fire fighting among other topics. During some serious looking, the cast has Cap on outside medical attention on land. During the first episode of Below Deck Season 7, chef Kevin Dobson asked Chief Stew Kate Chastain what kind of medicine they had on board when he came down with a stomach illness.

Depending on the nature of the crew some surgeons were paid even if they loking to on. Surgeons were highly valued among pirates and when pirates captured ships they would often press surgeons into service.

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Contrary to the book Treasure Island, Most Captains didn't command by an iron fist, they commanded because of skill, daring, looling the ability to win prize and booty. That means Captains Sandy and Lee aren't technically alone all day and night and in the case of an emergency, they take over. There hasn't been an explanation about why the show no longer kate a first officer in the cast, but that role is fulfilled on the boat every charter season regardless, just usually away from the cameras.

Capt looking for first mate

Often, due to their harsh life, powder monkeys were quick to articles and desert a ship. The quartermaster also settled individual quarrels and if need be, acted as a witness to any duels, to insure that duels were fair and just.

The pilot was the man who steered the ship. There have actually been a few medical incidents throughout the years on Below Deck when it could have been beneficial to have a doctor present.

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They mainly assisted the gun crews and learned most of the ships basics but were paid little if anythingtreated poorly, and were expendable. Quite often, in the movies you see the captain of the ship giving the orders but in real life the captain would rely on fr pilot of the ship to do such a task.

Capt looking for first mate

Although there isn't actually a doctor on board, every crew member does have medical knowledge and experience to administer first aid and assess when someone needs more help. It took years of practice to become a good gunner.

Capt looking for first mate

They were expert hunters who trapped sea turtles and manatees; fished for sharks and other large fish; and also hunted wild game when the the crew came ashore. He also told the group, "I'm going to put a huge emphasis on safety this year. The Captain One thing for sure about pirates is they didn't like authority.

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Despite all the activitiy of the quartermaster, Pirate captains would still pick their other officers such as first and second mate, often creating a complex chain of command on a pirate ship. The bos'n is often a petty officer. In fact, on some rirstthe Captain had no more power than every other pirate on board except in times of battle.

It is also true that, especially among some of the smaller pirate vessels, that the pirate crew was led by a natural leader and his close mates.

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When not in battle or preparing to fight, quite often the Quartermaster might actually be in charge of the ship. The term dates from the s. In some cases a crew man might be given the task of acting as a pilot for a portion of a voyage because they were more familiar with sand banks, hidden shoals, and rough currents in an that area Powder Monkey Powder Monkey was a British naval term used to describe the young boys who made up the gun crews.

Capt looking for first mate

Thus the master gunner is the person in charge of the guns artillery, now pistolsthe Master Rigger would be in charge of fixing the ships rigging, a Master carpenter, would be the top carpenter. Typically one man would be the master pilot who would work with the navigator and captain to pilot the ship over the water.

For example, on the most recent Below Deck Mediterranean season, deckhand Colin Macy-O'Toole left the boat for medical treatment after he hurt his wrist and thought he broke his toe. Don't see a crew member listed here?

The sea artist was expert at reading and correcting charts, using al tools such as the cross-staff, backstaff, quadrant, and sextant depending on time period. They were not kept aboard for the seaman ship, their job was to catch fish and kill Spaniards. These pressing details were decided by vote, with the Cqpt ruling.

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It was also the mwte who did the dividing, with the crew's supervision. For the minor aches and pains, the crew uses the resources that are already on the boat.

Check out the Lexicon. Surgeon For a more matfsee Pirate Medicine. In some instances a master gunner would give orders to other gunners on how to set their guns during a broide. Typically the cabin boy waits upon the officers of the ship.

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The quartermaster would also watch over the treasure until mare was divided among the crew. His main purpose was to distribute things. Master The term used to describe a leader of certain section. Many powder monkeys were probably pressed into service, being kidnapped by press gangs and forced to serve aboard ship.

The quartermaster was also the only man who could dole out punishment. On a smaller ship the quartermaster would handle the jobs of the bos'n. At other times a cook might also be employed but cooks were normally considered less skillful at cutting than carpenters.